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Affiliate Library - Enneagram Personality Plus

Welcome to your affiliate library. We’ve included some special tools to help you get started and really build your business. Banner ads, email templates, and even some keywords!

Add one of our cool banners featured below to your website, and/or a text link, and you’ll be up and running. Just be sure you add your affiliate url link and you’re away. Promote the new product using your data base. Send out an inviting email to inform your industry pals of your new acquisition. You may also wish to Facebook your friends list, and/or even tweet the deal on your Twitter account then.

Below we’ll pace you through the following set up elements.

  • Email suggestions
  • Banner Ads and Promotional Images
  • Add promotional videos
  • Add a testimonial videos
  • Keywords
  • Pay Per Click, (PPC) promotional resources

1. Email suggestions:

Special Note: We recommend you don’t use our template as they are. Your friends and clients will detect that they may not reflect your individual personality. Its our suggestion you use these simply as an example and rewrite any referral or invitation emails or sales copy using your own words and projecting your unique personality. There’s nothing worse than getting a sterile letter from a good friend when you know they didn’t write it. This just stinks of “They’re trying to sell me something right?”

Lite Example:

Hey Julie, remember my mate David Sherry? Well, he’s just launched this awesome new online personality tutorial bla bla bla bla bla. I wont bug you with all the details but I thought it was awesome and felt you’d appreciate this as we’re always talking about personal development and stuff.

Check it out. I’d love to hear what you think?

Chat soon.

Regular Example:

Hey Julie,

For years now you know I have been interested in becoming a life coach or facilitator in order to help others with their personal growth. Well through a friend of mine I have discovered this onlne 12 week tutorial course that I ended up taken and found it to be absolutely brilliant.

It’s based on a personality known as the Enneagram and teaches us all about how people act and react with each other through both behavioural and emotional terms. I’ve found it to be absolutely awesome with my career and in helping me to become the coach of others I want to aspire to be all while furthering my own individual growth.

I really believe you will love this Julie and when I started to get into it I automatically thought of you as I know it’s right up your alley so to speak. Honestly, give it a try,

Cheers  and chat soon,

Affiliate Example:

Hi Julie,

I’m not sure if you know this or not but for years I have been looking for an online product that can earn me passive income all while building to a healthy full time position with very little effort.

Heard it all before? Well I must tell you I really was about to chuck the towell in, so to speak, when I stumbled across an online personality training program that is simple a plug, play and earn program.

In all honesty my first thoughts were, “Oh Yeah Right! Too good to be true,” and as it happens I could not have been further from the truth. Really, Jules, bear with me here. This program is so inexpensive for what the returns are. You receive a 12 week online tutorial program, that you can download and use as your own, that teaches the whole thing without having to do a thing.

The great thing here is that when you are ready to add your own flavor of delivery technique, as they say, you dont have to rely on the downloads to teach. And guess what? It is all yours to keep as your own at the end of the day. This program gives you total ownership of the content to teach to others even in a corporate vein.

There are some $7145 worth of FREE bouses in the affiliate program and you would be really crazy not to have a look.

Hope you can see the benefits I’m getting and for your sake you take the leap and join up as an affiliate because it really is plug, play and earn,

Cheers and chat soon

2. Banner Ads and Promotional Images:

Just add your new affiliate URL, (link), into one of these banner adds or images, add them to your website and you’ll receive all the commission on all sales made through your banner efforts. Good luck.





3. Add videos:

Here is a sample promotional video and you may wish to add a similar one to your site. Go to: to source one similar.

4. Add a testimonial video:

Why not create your very own video testimonial and promote it on your website, youtube, facebook, etc. Here are some examples.

Pete testimonial.MOV

5. Keywords:

Here is a sample of  keywords that can be used for PPC, “Pay Per Click” advertising or key words for your own website.

Keyword Traffic as of Oct 2011
         personality                    9,140,000
         personality test                    1,000,000
         personality qiz                       823,000
         personality traits                       450,000
         personality types                       301,000
         enneagram                       246,000
         enneagram test                         40,500

6. Pay Per Click, (PPC) promotional resources:

Here are the top 12 PPC networks: Notice I have placed Facebook and Plenty of Fish at the top as I believe they are more suitable sites for this particular product.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. Thanks for you time and consideration and good luck.

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All the best