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If you run, or have ever fancied running, your own coaching business, then this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

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Hi there. My name is David Sherry, and I want to tell you how you can make a serious income by tapping into one of the fastest growing niche markets of the moment. And the great thing is that this technique is guaranteed to work! It doesn’t matter whether you run an existing coaching business, want to set up a new-start or even use the opportunity as a side-line to generate a regular and additional revenue stream.
Allow me to introduce you to Personality Plus.  The 12 Week Personality Video Coaching Program With PLR (Private Label Rights) to your very own Enneagram e-Book and Enneagram Workshop!

But first, let me tell you the crazy story of how I stumbled upon the deep and profound personality diagnostic tool which took me on a personal voyage of self-discovery and literally changed my life.

Back in the 1980’s I was a pretty successful entrepreneur. You know, the type who makes you green with envy; happily married, two gorgeous kids, the house in the hills with a couple of foreign sports cars on the drive. My $12.5 million dollar business employed over 350 people. Man, life was good!

But then out of the blue, a virtual thunderbolt brought my idyllic lifestyle crashing down around me! As everyone now knows, the 1980’s saw a pretty significant economic downturn – much the same as has happened recently. Recession came about so quickly; the banks foreclosed and there I was, completely unprepared to cope with the deterioration in my luck which soon began to spiral frighteningly out of control. I was, to coin a phrase, unable to cope with the train crash which had become my life.

Within nine months all that I held dear to me was gone. I’d lost my business, my wife, the fancy cars, the house in the hills and every dollar I’d ever earned. But even worse, I’d lost the joy of sharing my life with my kids! My life was a wreck.

Flat broke and depressed, at 32 years of age I was forced to doss down in my Mother’s spare room. The only thing that got me through the day was the anti-depressants prescribed by my doctor.

It had taken less than two years to go from a successful life of plenty to scrabbling around for any job I could find, just to try to get my life back on track. I’d swopped the board room for the construction site; the long business lunches for lawn mowing duties.

The Economic Downturn Changed My Life Of Plenty To A Prozac Fuelled, Hand To Mouth Existence

Then out of the blue, fate (or whatever you want to call it) directed my life in the direction of the path that was to lead to my salvation. Unknown to me, I was hurtling towards the very thing which would change my life – The Enneagram; the exact same thing which I now want to introduce to you.

Sat at a friend’s house, nursing a large whisky and bitching about life, for some reason a book on his shelf caught my attention. The book was entitled ‘Discover Your Personality Type using the Enneagram.’ Little did I know it, but that was the ‘Eureka’ moment at which my life literally turned around to face the opposite direction.

Having nothing better to do (my friend had listened to more than enough of my bleating), I picked up the book and started to read. I was immediately entranced and wanted to know more. Within days I had gathered every bit of information about the Enneagram which I could get my hands on. This unbelievably accurate wisdom gives the ability to understand your own personality and that of others with pin point precision, arming you with the necessary tools to steer your life back onto the right path.

But, and get this, I was also suffused with the overwhelming urge not to keep this information to myself. After all, so great had been my pain and suffering that I literally felt I owed it to others who had, for whatever reason, strayed onto that downward and destructive path with no apparent way to clamber out of the rut. I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your life. Or perhaps you are there now. No matter how doggedly you work, no matter how hard you try, the more it seems like you’re running flat out just to stay in the same place.

But learning about the Enneagram was like suddenly being made privy to a hidden secret. Depending on your personality type, what is hugely inspirational to you, may have the total opposite effect on me. Learning to understand exactly what it is that makes you tick means you can look at the world through completely new eyes.

Within a year my life had once again been turned on its head, but this time for the better. At the age of 33 I began to teach the wonders of the Enneagram to others. A few short years later I’d become a national coach, writer, teacher and philosopher. From then on I’ve never looked back and have been teaching the Enneagram ever since.

Discovering The Enneagram Was The Catalyst Which Turned My Life Around!

The thing is, so many people don’t understand the power of personality profiling. But understanding and using this is such a powerful tool that it is literally like giving you a private screenshot inside a person’s head! Once you understand how to use this potent diagnostic tool, you’ll understand exactly what it is that motivates and inspires those around you.

What I want to share with you is a simple to use method of identifying how those around you fall into one of nine distinct personality categories. It might sound a bit crazy, but each and every one of us has the traits, core motivations, emotions and way of thinking that slots us into one of these nine profiles.

The thing is, once you understand personality profiling, you can use this in every single aspect of your own life. Understanding the Enneagram can be the key to creating a more prosperous and harmonious workplace, a happier personal life and without a doubt a more successful career path.

And get this. I’m going to show you how you can unlock this knowledge with absolutely no former knowledge of the Enneagram. Seriously! Even if this is the first time you have ever heard the word, you can become an expert in personality profiling.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you don’t need a degree in psychology, you don’t need to be a therapist and you don’t need one iota of technical knowledge. In fact, as long as you can follow a few simple instructions, you don’t need any other qualifications whatsoever. And you can start today!

The exciting thing is that now, for the first time in 26 years, I’m about to share every little detail of the information that has changed my life. And I want to share it with you.

  • Share the information that led me to a time plentiful and family rich lifestyle.
  • Share the information that lets me spend as much time as I want with my two kids and my life partner of 18 years.
  • Share the information that means I have more money than I know what to do with coming in around the clock, even when I’m not working!

The only thing you need to succeed is a burning desire to help others build on the understanding of their own personality.

In fact, this system is so simple that I know in my heart that most anyone can make a success of an Enneagram coaching business. In fact, back in 2009 I met a young woman who, like me all those years ago, had a desire to help others. But before I tell you a little more about her, let me tell you the eight most common misconceptions my students (and indeed, some of the “so-called” Enneagram experts) have shared with me over the years about setting up their own Enneagram coaching business.

  • Many people think you need either a degree in psychology, sociology or metaphysical sciences. At the very least some people think you need to have some kind of accreditation as a therapist or counselor. This is not true.
  • You’ll have to attend lengthy and expensive classes over many years to receive an accreditation which lets you teach. Not true.
  • You need an expensive office to work from. Not true.
  • It’s necessary to spend an outlay of thousands of dollars to get your business started. Not true.
  • Learning the Enneagram is so in-depth that you’ll never be able to understand it. Not true.
  • It’s necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a snazzy looking website to promote your business and get clients. Not true.
  • You need to spend a small fortune. No, no and no again. This is simply not true!

Listen, I’ll admit then when I started, all of these points were an issue. But I’ve done all the hard work over the past 26 years. For you, it’s as simple as ‘plug, play, learn and earn!’

The exact same program which I want to show you brings me personally an income of over $16,000 dollars per month! And all I do is to show people how to realize their full potential by using these tools. The thing is, this very same potential is available to you when you use your free Private Label Rights. But more on that in a moment…

I bet you’re thinking that this all sounds too good to be true. And so you should be; after all, there’s so many get-rich-quick schemes out there that sometimes it’s almost impossible to see the genuine opportunities, even when they’re staring you in the face.

The thing is, the course which I’m offering you right now has been carefully honed and refined by me personally over the past 26 years. So actually, it’s not some daft, unproven scheme which has just been unleashed and promises untold riches with nothing to substantiate the claims.

Still not convinced? Well, let me introduce you to Fiona Waldock, whom we spoke about earlier.

“Fiona had no experience at all of the Enneagram or personality typing; no degree and zero experience in any type of therapy or counseling. By following exactly the same course as I’m offering to you, Fiona went onto earn over $600 dollars in her very first month of trading.”

Just imagine what that extra $600 dollars could do for you and your family!

It doesn’t matter what your background is. Whether you’re an executive, college student, brand new business owner, teacher, single person or need an income to support your family, I truly believe that this program can provide you with the success you are searching for.

Look, the bottom line is this. Once you discover the benefits of your own Enneagram Coaching Business, you will never want to go back to a ‘normal’ job again. I just know that you’re going to be consumed with excitement, and if you’re anything like me, Janet, and the thousands of others who’ve successfully followed my carefully prepared program, you’ll wish you’d discovered this years ago.

I wholeheartedly believe that if I’d discovered the Enneagram back in the 80’s and applied the power to my own life, not to mention using the coaching tools and platform to make a very nice living, that the following would have happened;

  • I’d have never lost my business.
  • I’d still have my house in the hills and my shiny expensive toys.
  • My kids wouldn’t have had to go through the distress and emotional upset which they should never have had to cope with at such a tender age.

I truly believe that if you stick to the program as I have, not only can you keep your own life on the straight and narrow, but you can help others to do the same, and get paid handsomely to do so.

Not convinced, how about Martins first week!

“By deciding to grab this amazing opportunity you’ll receive a 12 week video and audio course which gives you everything you need to facilitate your very own Enneagram Coaching Business. Nothing has been left out, and you’ll be privy to exactly the same secrets that both I and my thousands of students have followed to incredible success for well over 20 years.”

Some of the advantages of my course are;

  • Your very own power point presentation and sound track for immediate use in your coaching workshops.
  • A video and audio course of personal coaching from me to guide you through the full 12 week training course. And the best thing is, you’re free to rewind and re-watch any part you want to, whenever and as many times as you wish.
  • No waiting the whole 12 weeks to start your first coaching workshop. The course is specifically designed to guide you through each module so you can start earning immediately.
You’re Not Going To Believe The Huge Value and Content in Week One.

This is Massive!

Week one of your training program includes the following:

Kit 1: Video Guide
Kit 2: Workshop Structure
Kit 3: The Script
Kit 4: The Workbooks
Kit 5: Video Tutorials

An easy to follow detailed video training tutorials.
The ‘Personality Plus’ timings.
The ‘Personality Plus’ script.
The ‘Personality Plus’ workbook.
Plug and Play – video tutorials & student manual.

These will hold your hand and guide you through what is simply the most accurate personality life coaching system available today.

This shows you, the course coordinator, exactly how to time each part of the six hour workshop.But even though they are accurate, there is enough flexibility to allow for slight over-runs to allow you to interject your own personality into your training. This will give you the confidence to;

  • Deliver an extremely accurate program to your students on a world-wide scale.
  • Present your coaching sessions confident that your timing delivery is perfect.
  • Be safe in the knowledge that these timings have been proven many times over so that your students can absorb your lessons.

Your own script which allows both novices and experts alike to present the exact same program which imparts the knowledge your student needs to learn.

Your students will gain a total understanding of the system allowing them to personality type to pin-point accuracy.

  • The tried and tested script allows you to present your training as an expert.
  • You’ll gain a total understanding of the system
  • All you do is literally read and teach.

This book divides the whole course into easily digestible chunks.
Exactly as it sounds, plug in and play the video to your students. Stop and start to personalize the speed of the training for your individual class.

The tutorial video outlines the whole workshop, allowing you to add in your speeches with ease.

Even a complete beginner with no experience of the Enneagram can teach and present like an expert

And don’t forget, these five kits only make up a small percentage of just week one of your training program. The content is massive and will help you build and grow your Enneagram Coaching Business.

You Too Can Have The Potential To Earn Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Of Dollars Per Month!

The great thing about your own Enneagram Coaching Business is that your students not only learn what are their personal positive and negative traits, but they fully understand exactly what and why certain triggers can enthuse and inspire them. Once your students truly know themselves, they can work to reverse the unwanted, negative aspects of their personality.

  • Just think, not only will your students (and you!) be able to understand why they emotionally react in a certain way, but be able to predict with pinpoint accuracy exactly how they’ll act in pretty much any situation under the sun!
  • Learn the simple and guaranteed formula to banish negativity from your life. We all have to cope with negative influences, but you can learn how to turn these on their head and create a positive attitude which resounds throughout your whole well-being.
  • Be amazed when you learn the easy conflict resolution techniques which work with every different type of personality.
  • See your self-confidence soar when you become completely in-tune and understand exactly why your own personality makes you act in the way you do.
  • Learn how to build on your own strengths and capitalize on the positive areas of your personality.
  • Use the power of the Enneagram to create harmony and success in every single area of your life.
  • Teach others the extraordinary accuracy of the Enneagram and take full credit for every single aspect of the training program you offer to your students.

The Enneagram is literally a map to the whole human psyche. Once you understand why your personality acts in the way it does, it opens up all kinds of previously unknown advantages which pervade into each and every aspect of your life.

Understanding yourself is your key to success, happiness, respect from your peers, achieving your goals and ultimately living the lifestyle which you deserve. Because you do deserve it, don’t you?

The Enneagram Will, Quite Literally, Change Your Life For The Better! Imagine Being Able To Apply This Eye-Opening Knowledge To Your Own Life, And Then Use It To Aid And Inspire Others!

There is no other comparable course on the market today that can offer you all this. This incredible self-employment opportunity is worth over $3000 dollars in value!

Just imagine what it would cost if you had to write your own course, or even worse, have someone write it for you? That would cost you upwards of $5000 dollars. And the same again for a website.

The thing is, there’s thousands of ways of doing this wrong. But only a couple of ways of doing this right; and by right, I mean that you take your business and start earning money from the word go. Not three years down the line, not two years, not even one year from now, but right from the moment you set up. Now there’s not many businesses opportunities that can make that claim, are there?

Listen, there are thousands of people out there who are pitifully failing to run a successful Enneagram Coaching Business. So why is that? It’s simple! The reason why they fail to make money is because they neglect to follow the basic principles which equal success.

And I want to share these principles with you. I’ve spent 26 years perfecting and honing the Enneagram Coaching Business which I want to tell you about. These principles have been proven time and time again that they work, so you don’t have to struggle or worry that you are doing the right thing. You can just ‘plug, play, learn and earn,’ knowing that you are backed by thousands upon thousands of hours of experience and knowledge in the subject.

Within weeks (perhaps even days) of starting your own Enneagram Coaching Business, you’ll be able to grow your client base, gain a solid reputation and watch the dollars begin to flow. This amazing, but simple to use system, will soon dispel any doubts you may have as your business begins to flourish and grow.

Week 1 Video Training: Orientation
Week 2 Video Training: Centers, Centers and Thrust Wings
Week 3 Video Training: Triads and Virtues
Week 4 Video Training: Personality 1

The first week’s video training walks you through the process of the entire program and gets you to grips with all of its nuts and bolts.No time wasting here, we’ll get straight into the teachings of the Enneagram.In this week you’ll learn the design of the model and description of the formulas of both integration and disintegration which will assist you with your personal delivery of the course. The Video, audio and downloads outline the intricacies of the study in a simplistic and easy to follow manner.

  • Orientation and download of your entire ‘plug and play’ training system.
  • Video training orientation on the entire package and how to use it.
  • Video training; drawing the diagram.
  • Workbook module download.
  • Entire training modules download including all three components.
  • Schedule your free coaching call.
  • Access to bonuses.

The week two video training leads you through the process of understanding the sequence of how the nine personality types operate emotionally, as well as how they integrate into surrounding environments.

The students learn the different forms of emotional expression of the types.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

This week’s video training delves into not only the negatives, but more importantly the virtues and strengths of each personality type.

Showing the way forward through the integration process, the audio describes the warning signals and how to avoid the pitfalls. It examines the way to obtain best relations with each type and how to obtain the best from self.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download
  • Bonus: Shopping styles – Pre-recorded teleseminar with David and Cleve

Week four’s video training teaches why this type prefers to be hard working! You’ll understand why they always aim for perfection and can spot a flaw in an instant.

The video and audio explains how they are driven by getting things right and how this can be an asset to any team or family. Learn that they have the whole in their consciousness and want what’s right for all.

Hear why they love to see people excel and at times can be the driving force behind this.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Week 5 Video Training: Personality 2
Week 6 Video Training: Personality 3
Week 7 Video Training: Personality 4
Week 8 Video Training: Personality 5

Week five’s training explains why these people are the lovers of the study. They love for people to all get along and can be very instrumental in creating this.It is explained that as the carer, they assist people who are in need and really do come across as the society savior. You’ll understand why they thrive on interpersonal relations, and therefore relationships are usually in the forefront of their thinking.You’ll also discover that when help is required these people are in there getting their hands dirty, boots and all.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

The week six video training discovers that this type is the motivator of the study and that these people are extremely driven. Learn why they thrive on fulfilling their ambitions and love the fact that they can share in their successes with those close to them.

It is explained that as they are family oriented, they can be seen to do all for their family so the family doesn’t have to struggle and why this can also back-fire by creating time restraints.

The video and audio teaches you how this personality loves being involved in a team situation, whether it involves family or work.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Week seven outlines how this personality is the super, super creative type. It explains that when allowed the expression of their creativity, this type flourishes. Learn that this applies to all aspects, from website construction through to composing classical music. Creativity in all its forms really does belong to this type.

Listen to why they can have the tendency to become dramatic and how this in itself ignites the creative flair. Learn of the many famous authors, artist, inventors and poets that belong to this type.

You will learn that when allowed to create, this type finds balance and orderliness at the first point of integration.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Week eight’s video training explains how this type is often misunderstood because these people are without doubt the observers of life. Hear how they can struggle with interpersonal relations and therefore prefer to connect from a distance.

You will learn why this type loves to observe and understand human relations, and this also allows for its virtue of empathy to ignite. Understand how they are also very inventive due to their usual search of knowledge and understanding.

Hear how they can ferret out a need in society and design something to fill that very need while interacting from a distance.

  • Video/li gtI truly believe that if you stick to the program as I have, not only can you keep your own life on the straight and narrow, but you ca [/green_tick_1_list]Week 4 Video Training: Personality 1 n help others to do the same, Workbook module downloa/p/p /plid /ul; exactly what and why certain triggers can enthuse and inspire them. Once your students truly know themselves, they can work to reverse the unwanted, negative aspects of t[/green_tick_2_list]heir pVideo trainingersonality.ulp training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Week 9 Video Training: Personality 6
Week 10 Video Training: Personality 7
Week 11 Video Training: Personality 8
Week 12 Video Training: Personality 9

Week nine introduces you to the type known as the loyalist and why these people love to be a part of a team.You’ll learn why they congregate (or even herd) together in numbers as collectively things get done quicker.Understand that as the loyalist they are family oriented and thrive in harmonious family situations. Listen to why they tend to procrastinate and why some may feel the urge to push.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

This week’s video training explains why this type seems to promote the “let’s party” persona. Hear why these people are the ones everyone gravitates towards because of their love of life.

Listen to how they are continually striving to enjoy life and that this type has others wanting to be in their company.

Learn that they know what they want and they know how to get it. Understand how they are the type of personality that ‘gets through the cracks in the wall’ to get the job done.

It is explained that although they can be flippant in intimate relationships, once committed they are the eternal youth, creating fun for others and a love of sharing.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Week eleven covers the personality which can often be misunderstood due to their large persona.

Learn why their motives are often misinterpreted because they love to protect the under-dog and will take on all that comes before them to fulfill this obligation.

You’ll learn that this personality type is the hard-boiled egg; hard on the outside, yet soft on the inside!
It is explained how they can move mountains when necessary and that their humanistic personality sees them in the forefront of what is right for humankind in general.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

The week twelve video training discovers that this type is the avid listener of the study.

You’ll hear how the type nine personality is a born listener and has a tendency to make decisions that will be of benefit all concerned. It’s explained that they are always in the background, assessing what’s best for all.

You’ll also learn that although these people don’t appear to be assertive, nothing is further from the truth as they don’t tend to assert until the timing is correct.

Discover how this type has no need for drama or disarray as for the most part it tends to work on common sense.

  • Video training
  • Audio play button
  • Audio download
  • Workbook module download

Lets Talk Bonuses!

And to help you set up and grow your business even faster, for the first 50 people who sign up to this amazing opportunity will receive bonuses worth an incredible $2220. Yes, I’m not kidding – these are genuine bonuses with a retail value of $2220 U.S. dollars.

The bonuses available if you act right now are as follows:

Bonus 1:

The audio master file for the ‘Student Instructional Personality Program’ – value $325

Bonus 2:

A ‘Day to Remember Workshop’ – including workbooks and private label rights – value $675

Bonus 3:

The ‘Types at Work’ study e-book + private label rights – value $620

You will receive the full audio master files to the complete course to give to your students as part of their workshop curriculum. This means they walk away from the training sessions with the ability to re-listen to all or any part of the course they wish to.

They also have full access to the comprehensive audio which details in amazing accuracy each type and individual persona.Remember, these audio files delve deep; not only into the negative, but more importantly into the positive strengths and virtues of each individual personality type.

These in-depth descriptions allow the facilitator (that’s you) to guide your students through their personal identification procedure using the assistance of cognitive tools discussed.

For over fifteen years I’ve been conducting this full day training workshop worth $675. And now you too can offer the same training aid to your students.

Of course, I’m not just going to expect you to run it from scratch; once again you will receive the full advantage of my years of experience compacted into a home study course.

Once you have followed the step by step training, you too will have all the knowledge necessary to offer a separate one day workshop for business owners.

The course covers marketing, management, attracting clients and all aspects in building a phenomenal Enneagram Coaching Business.

This e-book covers in-depth the nine personality types in the workplace. It explains how they act, react and integrate, along with how they interact with each other.

The book delves into each type’s primary blocking fears and how this can affect their potential. It explains how to manage each type to get the best out of them.

With private label rights to this book you can re-brand and sell on as your own – another way to further increase your bank balance.

So, I can hear you asking, what’s the price for this incredible and complete business opportunity package? Well, let’s take a look at the earning potential which is immediately available as soon as you begin.

If you start off with just one class a week with only ten students, you could be writing yourself out a paycheck for around $2000 per month. Seriously – just by working one day per week! What would that kind of income do for you and your family?

My word, with a starting income potential such as this I could easily (in fact, I have in the past) be charging over $1000 for this business opportunity which can readily bring you in $2000 or more per month.

But right now, as part of a unique marketing test, I am offering you the chance to have access to the entire Enneagram Video Personality Plus Program for an incredible one time $97 dollars. 

This Marketing Test Opportunity Will Not Be Available For Long. Grab The Chance To Run Your Own Successful Enneagram Coaching Business With A Minimal Outlay.
For Less Than The Cost Of A Meal In A Fancy Restaurant, You Could Be Earning Thousands Of Dollars Per Month!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Try Personality Plus for 60 days. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund every penny.

I am so confident in the success of this unique Enneagram training system that I will give you my personal, 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if at any point within the next 60 days you change your mind, you can get a full, no questions asked refund.

I mean it. Even if you’re just having a bad day and decide you want your money back for no particular reason, contact our support team for an immediate, on-the-spot refund. No questions, no hard sell, just a courteous and instant refund.

But listen; as I said before, this offer is simply a marketing test. I don’t plan on keeping this crazy deal going for long. The detail and simplistic layout of this unique Enneagram Coaching Business is simply not available anywhere else.

This special, almost give-away price is only available to the first 50 people who want to change their life for the better and give themselves an unlimited earning potential. My proven and unique course means you will be making money from the start; that means extra cash for both you and your family, just as soon as you take this unique opportunity to begin earning it.

My Regular Inner Circle Facilitators Pay Over $3000 Dollars For This Exact Same Material, Training And Opportunity!

I know that you have the ability to run a successful Enneagram Coaching Business. All you need to do is to take this first step and the whole world of the business owner will be open to you, right now!

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Yes, I’ll take the audio master file for the ‘Student Instructional Personality Program’ valued at… $325
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Yes, I’ll take the ‘Types at Work’ study e-book + private label rights valued at… $620
Total Program and Bonuses Value $2220
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You can turn away now, forget about this offer and continue as you are. Carry on your life as so many people do; failing to understand exactly why you and other people act in the way that they do. Continue to be unprepared to cope with all the opportunities which come your way, or worse, not even realizing that they have passed you by. Struggle to get by and earn enough to pay the never-ending bills which drop through your mail box with monotonous regularity, whilst bemoaning the fact that there are some people in this world who make enough money to do anything they want.

Or, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to set up your own business with an unlimited earning potential. See people and life through different eyes as the mystery of human nature is unveiled before you. Have the chance to help others do the same, whilst reaping the lucrative benefits which come along with it.

Of course, the choice is yours. But just imagine what your life would be like without the worry of money. Just think, the whole world opens up to you and your family if you have an income which can cope with your desires. Holidays to exotic climes, a shiny new car (or cars) on the driveway, the best education money can buy for the kids, new-found respect from family, friends, neighbors and peers. The list is never ending.

After all, how many couples argue over money? That’s right, most of them. But with your own business and the opportunity of unlimited earnings, that worry is completely eradicated. Plus, the knowledge that you will gain about personalities with the Enneagram will mean that your relationships will improve no end because you understand both yourself and those close to you.

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Now then, not many business opportunities can offer you that!
I guarantee that anyone who takes advantage of this incredible opportunity; refines and practices to create their own unique delivery of the course content and follows the proven strategy which I have honed to perfection over 26 years can make a success of their own Enneagram Coaching Business.

It’ll be an honor to welcome you on board.

David Sherry

Absolutely Everything Is Included In This Package To Set Up Your Own Enneagram Coaching Business From Scratch. No Previous Experience Necessary!

PS. And don’t forget that the ability to run your own successful Enneagram Coaching Business is available to anyone, no matter what your background.

There’s no need for any psychology degree or any experience in counseling. You don’t even need to know what the Enneagram is! The great thing about this self-employment opportunity is that the video and audio walks you through the training in an easy-to-follow and simplistic way.

And you’ll be up and running, earning dollars from month one. No spending out big and waiting for the years to roll by before you see any payback on your investment. From the moment you start your own, complete package Enneagram Coaching Business, you have the opportunity for the profits to start swelling your bank account.

Remember that the business includes your very own website to promote and draw in your customers, along with the private label rights to be able to sell on the workbooks, audio and video training without having to payout one cent in royalties. Ever!

Oh, I almost forgot! Did I tell you that all of the workbooks, audios and videos can be personalized with your very own brand name or company logo? Think how professional that will look when you hand them over to your students, not to mention giving yourself a huge advantage over other, less professional competitors.

Imagine life as a business owner. Never again will a boss be able to set your hours or refuse your request for a vacation. And with some clever marketing on your behalf, you can be earning money even when you’re not working! Now that’s something that the average 9-5 just can’t offer…

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